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Magento - Generation of image cache

On some occasions, users of our official Magento Extension have encountered an issue where the cache for the images would not get automatically generated. It is caused by Magento not having enough memory to process the images during the indexing process.

The extension is generating an 'algolia.log' file. After an full reindexing if you have some thumbnails issue you should see the issue/error in this file.

Usually you just need to increase the memory limit and/or the php timeout, to help Magento generate the images without failing

If increasing the memory limit did not work, the solution that we have found is to decrease the size of the indexing batches. If you're using our official Magento extension, try setting this configuration:

If the indexing time becomes too long after that, try gradually increasing the values for  Max number of products by indexing job and Number of jobs to run each time the cron is run.

If that still doesn't work, you can try:

  • Check the permissions of the /media directory (it should be equal to 770 / 660)
  • Check the magento, php and apache logs, to check if there is an error message.
  • Install/Reinstall php-gd, this is a library used by Magento to generate the images

If you have tried all of this, and it still doesn't work, drop us  an email, we'll investigate with you!

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