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The impact of Algolia on ROI

By enabling a seamless and effective user experience, Algolia transforms the way people use a website or an application. There’s nothing that we love more than AB-Testings on our ROI – except maybe milliseconds – because our customers always see a huge conversion boost.

A few numbers to illustrate that:
  • On JadoPado, Algolia increased online search sessions by 60%, and unique mobile searches by 270%
  • Growth Hackers saw search volume increase 4-5X. Visitors who use search view 2-3X more pages per session and spend 5-6X longer on the site than those who don’t search.
  • A Little Market saw an increase in their conversion rate on search by 10%
  • After implementing Algolia, saw a sharp decrease in the number of queries with no results: from 9000 to 10 a day
If you want to learn more about our ROI or want to run an AB-test, we’d be happy to help you.
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